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Portál is a leading Czech publishing house in the fields of psychology, psychotherapy, pedagogy, parenting, social work, guidebooks, spirituality and children’s literature. It was founded in 1990 and belongs among the 20 largest publishing houses in the Czech Republic. It publishes over 90 new titles and about 150 reprints a year.

These are some of the main book series from Portál:

Classics, where classical texts are published in the fields typical for Portál, and by authors like C. R. Rogers, A. Maslow, and C. G. Jung.

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Spectrum, with books aimed chiefly at psychotherapists and educated laymen. The titles represent the breadth of psychotherapeutic approaches and methods, and offer enhancement and inspiration for the reader’s therapeutic work or personal development. Authors of this series include V. Kast, H.-P- Röhr, and H. Morschitzski.

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The series of parenting guidebooks, in which Portál presents approaches focused on responsible parenting. The books reflect both traditional values and new trends based on solid pedagogical and psychological theories (J. Prekop, J.-U. Rogge, S. Biddulph, etc.)

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The series of guidebooks aimed at good living and a healthy lifestyle. The titles are devoted to topics such as communication, self-coaching, personal development, and overcoming mental difficulties. These are books written by authors such as I. Nazar-Aga, F. Naumann, M. Rosenberg, and C. Alasko.

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Spirituality, which deals with Christian authors (A. Grün, G. Gilbert, B. Ferrero), and includes other works on spirituality supporting a meaningful and valuable life (Y. Byock, B. Ware).

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The series of special pedagogical books, which are devoted to practical topics related to autism, ADHD, physical and mental handicaps, etc.

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The series of children’s books with titles for pre-school children, children starting to read, and older children.

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Furthermore, Portál publishes books and workbooks for nursery and basic school teachers, books for psychotherapeutic practice, dictionaries and compendia in Portál’s typical fields, as well as textbooks for university students, books with games, books for training children’s groups and individuals, etc.

Portál also issues three magazines: Psychologie dnes – Psychology Today (monthly for professionals and laymen interested in psychology), Rodina a škola – Family and School (monthly for teachers and parents) and Informatorium 3–8 (monthly for professionals in nursery schools).

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Portál organizes special workshops for teachers (accredited by the Czech Ministry of Education).

Portál operates two bookstores in Prague.